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Cultures .:Click Here: <Cultures

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    Cultures >>>.:Click Here:..

    Would you please tell me where do cutures come from ?
    Does culture origin have anything relating to genetics ?

    Thank you
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    Cultures come from language used by humans, because language has its own evolution process along with human development, we can say cultures are partially having relations to human evolution and genetics in general.

    Although lots of people explain things in scientific way, denying the existence of god, I am too not a fan of any explanations that say origins of things is with a hand of god but i am still in doubt if that is of any truth at all, cause if we believ it exists then it does exist

    Cultures can help learn about human evolution and genetics, i believe.
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    Where on earth does your god exist ?

    in what way ?
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    Didn't he say that he doesn't like explanations that refer to a God?

    It's not only possible, but very likely, that human evolution took the path that it did in large part due to the cultures of early proto-humans, including great ape cultures.
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