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Curiosity and dilema

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    i recently watched a documentary and they said that the temperature during the big bang was billions of degrees. Could that be true? Does this mean that temperature doesent have a limit like lets say it can't go beyond a certain number? also does it have any point of minimum value ?

    also i have been contradicting with some guy over a question. i told him that in every object there is movement ( at a microscopical level atlest, the atom) , even in a cup of tea or in the pillow of his bed. am i right or wrong ?

    thanks, akapink
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    You are completely correct.

    At the very least, any object that is warmer than absolute zero must have some kinetic energy in it. And there is no such thing as an object that is at absolute zero.
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    Temperature is on an infinate scale, starting from 0K and going up infinately far. Reason being that although there is a limit to how much energy you take out of something, there is no limit to how much you can put in. However, the speed of the object due to extra Kinetic Energy/Heat Energy or whatever has an asymptote with the speed of light becuase the object's mass increases too.
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