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Curious Layman

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    Hello, all.

    I'm a bit of a layman, spent some time as an engineering major back when, so I basically know just enough to get myself in trouble, generally.

    My main reason for joining this forum? (Don't laugh) I'm a relatively serious disc golfer. There's not a lot of information out here specific to the physics involved with a spinning disc flying through air. I'm involved with a couple of discgolf forums, where occasionally argument pertaining to the physics of disc flight break out, and there seems to be a lot of wild conjecture and not much knowlege. I'm hoping to be able to ask some questions here from time to time about that, as well as imporve my knowlege generally.
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    Welcome to PF!
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    Huh. After googling (never heard of it!) it's not what I imagined. I was picturing Tiger Woods with a hockey stick and a puck, whereas this looks like some sort of hardcore frisbee.

    Welcome to PF!
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    Thanks, great to be here, this is a cool forum.

    Yeah, get that a lot, lol. Small but growing sport, sometimes still called frisbee golf by "outsiders" lol.
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    Hey thanks!
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