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Currency exchange

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    How much US dollars can I get if I have 10 000 TaiWan Dollars?
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    current rate is approx 34 NTD to 1 USD

    I recently(not too recently) went through Taiwan and have some NT currency for souvenirs.
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    Thank you :wink:

    I'm writting an application for a study trip to Tai Wan (that's cool, but difficult to apply, only 5 students will be selected!) and the organizers will give each participant 10 000 NTD, that's why I want to know how much is it.
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    Might want to reconsider that. Taiwan is currently the most infected country with SARS and travel to there is highly discouraged.
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    yeah, I'm thinking about it also, but this chance is really invaluable and I don't want to miss it. Nobel prize winners and some other famous scientists will be invited there to share their experiences! It's very difficult to be selected but I want to have a go for it. I'll fill in the application form and wish for luck :wink: I think the organizers will do their best to prevent participants from infecting sars.

    A sponsored stargazing trip to BeiJing and Mongolia has already been cancelled due to sars. I hope this function won't be cancelled. I also hope sars will disappear soon.
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    Considering the ACTUAL risks, SARS isn't something you should put in your list of reasons for not going. There are dozens of things more likely to kill you during your stay or on your way there.
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    True. I guess it's just one more reason
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