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    Why does the C.A.U box show some users to be "active", online, and then if one veiws it over a lenghy period, some users are posting whilst obviously have not been included in the C.A.U box?

    Are some users allowed to browse by using "stealth" accounts, and then being able to reply to threads, whilst with a remaining anominity?

    Why would PF "pick-and-choose" certain members but not others?..actually why would someone want a 'avitar' or name-tag, and then choose to reply to threads using "other" different means?

    I think PF is using a selective program, not meaning something like "Aparthide"..but who knows?
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    I think you are talking about PF Subscribers (or maybe this is mentors only). They have an option of remaining in a "stealth" mode so they do not appear online. Evo is one i know of for sure so it might just be mentors.
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    Contributors have the option of being "invisible". You can't see them, but you can see their posts. Some members like this option because they prefer to retain a level of privacy while online.
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    Ok, lets put it a little more simplistic.

    If I want to retain privacy online, and I make a post at say:05:19pm, it is logged by the thread reply board, so I have now detailed my presence "online"?..thus..anyone looking at the C.U.A box will know that I have been trawlling the PF forum in a clandestine mode.

    Whilst subscribing to a privacy level, am I also subscribing to a "false sense of security"..'dork' mentality?

    Is there a price-list, charge structure for this level of service?

    Do you still maintain that "I cannot see them"..whilst they can "see" me?..and again, I cannot see the gain, for the obvious "user-mentality" behind such a practice.

    It may be that a PF user like's to elevate him/her-self, above the cross board standard "level" interactions generated by such a forum, but I cannot for the life of me see any practical gain.

    As an example of 'dork-mentality'.. surely you dont give a clandestine operative a set of "flags" to wave, if you send him/her into an evironment where secrecy is the name of the game, in staying one step ahead of online/offline community? :rofl:
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    All you will know is that I was there when I made the post. A number of members are "invisible", so you can't tell which invisible member is being counted.

    Not at all. You seem so jealous. :tongue2: I may not want people to know I am online, and I don't post, so no one knows I've been there. People do not have a need to know what posts I am reading or when I am online or not. Does that make you paranoid?

    It is a free perk when you become a contributor.

    As I stated above, a person may want to come here and read and not have people start sending them messages becuase they see that they are online. They may just want to browse in peace. They may think it's no one else's business what threads they are reading. I, for one, can't believe that I am so interesting that someone would care to follow me around the forum, so why should it bother them if they can't see me?

    You don't get it, it's the people that DON'T want to be noticed that are invisible. They want the OPPOSITE of "elevating" themselves as you put it.

    Now you're not even making sense. Being invisible makes you invisible, no flag waiving, no attention, you aren't seen, no attention is drawn to you.
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