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Current amplifier needed? How? :=)

  1. Jan 20, 2004 #1
    I am building a power suply for a GM-tube tha needs a suply voltage of 550V. I am using a Cockroft-Walton voltage multiplyer. The problem I have is that it seems like I can't drain enough current from the circuit generating the squarewaves (the circuit on the picture). I have a peak to peak voltage of 8V and a frequency of 6.3kHz. I only get around 250V when I try it but if I connect a frequency generator, with the same voltage and frequency, everything works. I was thinking that I maybe need some sort of current amplifier before the transformer. I know you can do it with a transistor, but I can't find a working solution och the net. Unfortunatele I'm a totall beginner at electronics and I'm in a hurry, so if someone can please help me asap I would be really really grateful .
    If someone knows anything I would be glad if you could explain it and show me exactly how to set it up since I'm quite lost :=)

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    Well.. I finally solved the problem by myself ;=) ... I used a push pull before the transformer.

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