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Homework Help: Current and magmetic flux?

  1. May 14, 2015 #1
    Consider a straight infinite wire that carries a current I. Suppose you place a square circuit near the wire such that the circuit and the wire lie on the same plane. The length of the sides of the circuit is l`. The nearest side of the rectangle is at a distance d from the wire.
    question is that; What is the magnetic flux that goes through the circuit?
    and If the current in the infinite wire is changing constantly, i.e dI/ dt = c = constant, what is the current running in the circuit?
    any idea? thanks your attention..
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    Calculate B(x,y) inside the square circuit, using Amperes law.

    Find the flux: ψ = square B(x,y) ⋅ dA

    You cannot find the current but the emf in the loop:

    emf = dψ/dt

    But if you know the resistance in the loop, you can find the current, using Ohms law.
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