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Homework Help: Current and Resistance

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    The headlights of a certain moving car require 11 A from the 12 V alternator, which is driven by the engine. Assume the alternator is 84% efficient (its output electrical power is 84% of its input mechanical power), and calculate the power (in hp) the engine must supply to run the lights.

    I plugged the equation into P = iV and multiplied it by .84 efficiency, then got my answer in watts, which I converted to hp. When I checked in my book, however, the answer was not correct. I'm pretty much stumped on how else to approach it.
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    You should be dividing by .84, not multiplying by it:




    See where you went wrong?

    Next time, please post homework type questions in the appropriate homework help forum.
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    Ah! Yes!! Thank you so much!!
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