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Current dipole

  1. Oct 27, 2015 #1
    Hi all, new user here. I did a search on Google for "current dipole" during an idle moment, and discovered this forum and joined. There was an old, closed thread concerning "current dipole", started by basheersubei and including tiny-tim, sophiecentaur, and madness, which closed 3.5 years ago and left things hanging. If anyone is still interested, I have a lot of literature I can point you to about current dipoles as they are used in electrophysiology (mainly electrocardiography and electroencephalography - ECG and EEG, also matetic analogs MCG and MEG). Basically they are quite analogous geometrically to charge dipoles, but are modeled as positive and negative point current sources with a small separation, embedded in a conductive medium. In an infinite medium, lines of current flow are analogous to electric field lines in the charge dipole case, and equipotential lines are the same shape. Do a search for authors like Robert Plonsey and Jacob Malmivuo going back to the 1950s. As an aside, a current dipole also produces a magnetic field, though I am not sure at this point if the field so produced is equivalent to that from a magnetic dipole.
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