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Current is 5 amperes. voltage is 10 volts

  1. Jun 8, 2003 #1
    current is 5 amperes. voltage is 10 volts.
    1. what would be the charge if there is energy of 30 J?
    2. what would be the time taken to supply the use of 30J?

    For 1, is it 30J/ 10V = 3 coulombs
    For 2, is it 3C/ 5 amperes = 0.60 seconds

    Anyone can help?
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    Re: charge

    While on one hadn this sounds like a homework problem (e.g. specifics stated), which we won't solve for you - only help - there is the other hand in which it doesn't sound like a homework problem (not enough info to solve the problem).

    What are these things you're talking about?? Current is the rate at which charge flows. Voltage can be one of two things - it can be the difference in electric potential or it can be a measure of the emf in a circuit.

    Energy is something different all together.

    Please explain this question in more detail - perhaps by explaining what these charges and current and energy refers to.

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