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Current Limiting

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    I have an odd application. I Need to be able to hook my motorcycles to my truck to charge the battery an warm them up I ride them in super cold (-35*F) and need to find way to hook the truck to the bikes but only limit the current to 10 Amps to each bike. They both have LIFEPO4 Batteries. The only sure fire way to do it it to hook up an inverter in the bed and run a LIFEPO4 charger from that but I know theres got to be a better way. Please point me in the right direction.
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    I can't help you, but I can ask questions that might assist others.

    You want to charge the batteries so that in the process the batteries get warmed? Or is there some other component on the bike you need to electrically heat, also? These are starter batteries, or are the bikes fully electric? What is the nominal voltage of the batteries? What is their AHr rating? Is there only one battery per bike? What voltage/s do you have available on the truck? How many bikes do you want to charge simultaneously? What is the major problem you have with using an inverter to power the charger? Is the 10A limit a consideration of the bikes, or of the truck?
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