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Current loop

  1. Nov 17, 2005 #1
    A rectangularl oop carring a clockwise curent i is placed in a constant magnetic field B = By. The four corners of the loop are at (x=0, y = +/- a/2, z=+/-b/2 where a and b are positve onstants
    find the force and torque, magnitude and direction on each of the four straight lin segments of the loop. Illustrate this device and your answers using a diagram.
    force only acts on the vertical (according to the diagram) and points out from the page for y = a/2. For y = -a/2, the force points into th page.
    for its magnitude
    F = 2 i a B / 2 = i a B Since theta is 90 degrees. B is constant.
    the torque points downward in the negative z direction
    t=2 (b x F)/2 = b x F = iabB
    am i right?

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    Doc Al

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    You mixed up your a's and b's in calculating the force. (The length of the vertical segments is "b", not "a".) Other than that, it looks OK.
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