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Current position of planets

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    I wonder if it would be possible for some kind PFer to create me a map of the current position of the planets and minor bodies in the SS, (i.e. a map of the SS from above, not from Earth). I guess I'd need one of both the inner and outer SS.

    I've downloaded all sorts of astronomy apps over the years, but never learned any one of them well enough to get anything done with them.
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    Thank you. It never occurred to me to look for a web-based one. These interwebs are so confusing.
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    These are generated from Gravity Simulator using Horizons numbers (the link DH mentions) on a slow time step to retain positional accuracy. Note that these images are rotated 180 degrees (not mirrored, just upside down) from the more typical convention.

    If you need any additional objects let me know.

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