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Current Sources Addition

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    Is it possible guys to add it that way??? Well what i did is that i add the current sources even tho they are not parallel because of the voltage source... But it can be considered a node the upper part if you use super node... The one that is encircle is done by my prof... saying i'm wrong... but i got the correct answer... so is it correct?? Thank you...
    Ps. this is worth 20 pts XD but i only got 5... i want to win the argument tomorrow

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    Why not ask your prof to explain how it should be solved so you can learn how to do it correctly in the future?

    After your discussion, he may be willing to give you a few more points.

    Basically there is no winning here and if your prof thinks that's your goal then he'll be less agreeable to changing your grade.
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    Nah. There's no way you can "win". He will just kick your arse and change nothing. I assume you will be wanting good marks and the benefit of doubt in future assessments, too.
    In any case, I think your reasoning is flawed - if you are dealing with real current sources.
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    Yah i will thanks...
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