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Current to Voltage Conversion

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    I have attached a diagram of the circuit I have a question about.

    In this current-to-voltage converter circuit, Rf = 1 k ohm. I was wondering if v out would equal Vout=-Iin*Rf where I in is the input current. If I varied the current, say 1-7 amps, would the above equation apply? How about if I varied the Rf? Would the same equation still apply?

    Also, since the voltage adder and the inverting amplifier are similar to the current-voltage converter, how can I show that those circuits can be analyzed as curent to voltage converter, as in vout = Iin*Rf?

    I'd appreciate any suggestions...

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    Well, yes, except that most opamps are run in the 1-10mA range. Other than that, you are on track.
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