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Currently a devry student and.

  1. Mar 21, 2008 #1
    currently a devry student and.......

    I am currently attending DeVry University in Columbus Ohio in the computer engineering technology (CET) degree, and i am about half way into my third trimester. i have recently been hearing complaints about Devry being a "Diploma mill" and that a degree from devry is not really respected among employers. I am curious if anybody on here has a degree from devry, or if anyone could give me some advice on if i should continue attending devry or transferring to a different school. Recently i have been looking into Ohio state as i know that a degree from OSU would be respected. Any advice on this topic is greatly appreciated.

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    If you can afford to transfer to OSU, do it without hesitating.
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    I would transfer to OSU immediately, as well. You will have a better chance for employment, if you obtain a BS in Computer Engineering (or Electrical Engineering). I also do think DeVry isn't regarded as very popular and a degree from an engineering-ABET accredited school is much more worthy.
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    A traditional engineering degree done at a four-year school would be a much, much better option. Prospective employers will be impressed by neither the name (DeVry), nor the degree itself (CET).

    - Warren
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    I have to assume that because you enrolled at DeVry you aren't as interested in traditional engineering type education, but I don't know so take this for whatever it is worth.

    At least look for a similar program at a more well respected school. At Purdue they have MET and ECET degree options and both of those programs have very good job placement numbers. Perhaps OSU has some of the same types of programs.
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    A friend of mine teaches at a DeVry campus. It's certainly not rigorous like an accredited school, but I wouldn't call it a diploma mill, either.

    My impression of diploma mills are correspondence schools where you pay money, write an essay (maybe), and get your diploma.

    Your decision will depend on what your goals are.

    Grad school? No way DeVry will get you there.

    An entry-level job, at a place where you can work your way up? Yes, I think DeVry could get you there. Just don't be bitter if you've been at your job for a while, and you see young folks get hired straight out of school into positions higher than yours.
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    thanks for all the advice although i think i made up my mind by the time i posted this lol. I do plan on going on to grad school so i will be calling up OSU sometime tonight to make sure my credits will all transfer for something. thanks again
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    Even if in retrospect, I want to point out that I think your decision was a good one.

    Good Luck!
  10. Oct 14, 2008 #9
    Re: currently a devry student and.......

    I went to DeVry Columbus for 3 terms and was in the exact position as you. I took Math 190, Math 260 and Math 270 and NONE of them transferred. Those were "advanced calc" classes at DeVry and I am in Math 151 at OSU. I'm in my first quarter at OSU, and I can already tell the way classes are conducted is totally different at OSU. It is definitely worth it to transfer even if hardly any classes transfer. I was double majoring in CET and EET at DeVry. The only problem with that was I was getting engineering "technology" degrees rather that full engineering degrees that are much more respected among employers. Also, it is impossible to get in to grad school out of DeVry without taking at least a year of classes or more to catch up before you can even start the grad program. DO IT! I did it just in time.
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