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Currents effecting monitor

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    I have a CRT monitor aligned against the wall of my apartment. At times the screen begins to shake as though a current was running near it. I looked outside and there are 3 big 1-1.5 inch thick wires going up the wall near where my CRT monitor is. I assume this is the problem. Because of my room set up, I can not move my moitor. Is there anything I can do to fix this problem??? I remember hearing that a gauze or sqaure wired sheet of metal blocks current from entering an area but i'm not sure if that info is corrent or if it was for magnetic flow. Any help with this would greatly be appreciated. Thank you
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    Greetings !

    Perhaps cooking foil could solve the problem.
    (Do you have cable/settelite T.V. or a simple antenna ?
    It could be reception problems if it's an antenna or
    interference of settelite reception during bad weather.)

    Live long and prosper.
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    You wouldn't happen to have your cell phone sitting next to the monitor when this happens, would you?
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    PC monitors are actually shielded internally pretty well, but nevertheless a sufficiently strong EM field could cause your problem. There’re two types of shielding. The aluminum foil, if grounded could solve your problem, but if it’s a magnetic field causing your grief you’ll have to use something called Mu (Greek letter) metal.

    I think your problem is more likely to be internal to the monitor, perhaps a loose or resistive connector or as Russ stated the problem could well be another electronic device. Often a TV set within a foot or so of a monitor causes the jitters. When I run two monitors at once I have to separate them or they talk to each other.
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    there are no electronic devices around it but a webcam on top. any other ideas???
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