Cursed numbers?

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    On my 14th birthday when I bought a bike lock to go with my nifty new bike, I was somewhat surprised to see that the code for the lock was preset at 169 which was luckily enough also my house number.

    Well, ever since then I happen to see this number much more often than on average. It seems to pop up everywhere for me... in many places that all have no correlation with each other.

    Of course it could just be that I'm being paranoid about nothing and just notice this number because I've been stimulated to do so, but I also take into account how many times I see a range of numbers in the 160's and 170's compared to 169 and I barely ever seem to spot these. It also doesn't help that pricing advertisers prefer to cut a dollar short of a nice multiple of 10 and so as a result I have 169 popping up more often than I deem necessary once again.

    I suppose I'm losing my mind, so I'll be awaiting the "you're nuts and its all in your (screwed up) mind" responses to ease my anxiety.
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  3. If your computer cannot get a DHCP address, some operating systems allocate a 169.xx.xx.xx IP address locally. That's all I can think of that number. So you are right; it's a cursed number when you need something urgently from the internet, like the HTTP 404.
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    Now, if it had been your 13th birthday... :bugeye:

    (13^2 = 169.)

    It is very common. I can't count the number of times I've heard or read a new word for the first time in my life, and then hear it twice more within 24 hours.
  5. Friday was 2 days ago...

    This happened to me after 9/11. When looked at the clock and if caught 911, it would incite the "wow" moment. How can it be? But I realized I was checking out time all the time, and filtering it out accordingly. But somehow only 911 got past the firewall and that only occurred at 9:11 am or pm.
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  6. I can't remember ever noticing the number 169 anywhere, so it must be you keeping a mental note of every time you do see it. We see a lot of numbers in our lives.
    14*169/14 = 169.... now I'm scared...
  7. 169=13 squared and 961=31 squared.:bugeye:
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  8. And that was Mentallic's 916th posting.

    Now I'm really getting scared.
  9. And look above at how many posts jobyt has made.:cry:
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  11. It's prolly happened 169 times.
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    Alright, now I am getting scared.
  13. DaveC426913

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    There is only one thing to do. Keep this thread going to 157 more posts and then get it locked.
  14. Dave, can you please remove that 691 from you member name. It scared me to death:eek:

    Dadface, that was a nice observation :approve:
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    :rofl: ok ok, if the sarcasm had been any less evident I would've been empathizing with your fears.
    OMG I never thought about it that way!

    I've noticed that also! This one would've been a few months back when I was blindingly following the steps of an over-the-phone assistant to fix my internet.

    Oh and yeah of course we see numbers a lot in our every day lives. But the odds of 169 appearing more often than not? And I love how you can find more numbers in a shopping centre than in my math books :smile:
  16. This is getting even spookier. The number fourteen appears 9 times in this thread, and so does the number six hundred and ninty one!
  17. ideasrule

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    They must have been doing 69 in a really uncomfortable orientation.
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    Yeah. When my SO was pregnant, every TV show and movie I watched happened to have pregnant chicks in it; they were probably always there. I just notice it now.
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    I notice 3.14 a lot on the clock. 3:14PM or 3:14AM


  20. Mentallic

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    I once counted 3.14 sticks in my hand.
    Now THAT's incredible...
  21. You guys are weird.
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