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Curvation (Curvature)

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    General Relativity says that every object that has mass make a curvation to space-time.
    Ι want to ask from what depends the curvation. Only from his mass? It depends from the size of object?

    For example lets say that we have one object with 10 meter size,and an other with 1000,but they have the same mass,then: Whose curvation will be "deeper" to space-time? Whose curvation will be "bigger" in ratio?

    (I think that the bigger size makes the bigger ratio and the bigger mass makes the deeper curvation. I just suppose,I do not know.)
    So can you help me?
    Thank you !!!
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    In GR the source of curvature is not only mass density, it is the entire stress energy tensor. The Wikipedia article has a good description of the various terms in the stress energy tensor.


    Note, not only does energy density contribute, but so does momentum, pressure, and stress.
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