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Curvature space time

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    i understand that in a flat space the metric is [tex]\eta_{uv}dx^udx^v[/tex]...i know that this means that the light follows straight geodesic in this space time...

    but ¿what would means that metric is [tex]f(t)\eta_{uv}dx^udx^v[/tex] where f(t)=infinite in t=0 and f(t)=0 in t=infinite.....obvious i understand the matematics, but physically ¿what means?.....for example..¿what means that in bing bang in t=0 f(t)= infinite????
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    It sounds a little bit strange to me.
    Anyway probably f(t=0)=infinite it's the Big Bang singularity, a point with infinite density (so the metric), but it's a very raw treatment.
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