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Curve fitting software

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    Is there a software(preferably free) that can fit data into a 4 parameter equation?

    like the generalised logistic function
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    TableCurve is great for the type of fitting you need, but it's not free... This is a good site where one can select operating system, rating etc. and look for curve fitting packages that are either free or shareware. There is a wide selection, so I am confident you will in high likelihood find what you need for free;

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    free? you can do it in python using the scipy module (scipy.optimize)...google "scipy curve fit", you should even find examples.
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    Good source of information will span over many many years. Recently, I wanted to obtain a curve fitting equation from the given graph image / published graph. I felt so powerless to do so. This CurveFit Tracer may be helpful to some of you.
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    Me thinks that maybe 'CurveFit Tracer' could be used to turn vacuum tube operating curves into useable mathematical equations! Has anybody tried this?
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