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Curve integral

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    How can I find average distance from the origin point x=y=0 to
    the points of the curve using curve integral.

    Curve given by

    x=cos(2t), y=3sin(2t), t at [0,pi]

    I looked in books I have but there is no info on this.
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    Find an equation that gives the distance at any value of t. Then integrate it and divide by the interval (def. of average value).
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    I need to find it using curve integral
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    Ok. I integrated equation that give the distance.

    I got

    Integral ((cos^2(2t)+6sin^2(2t))^0.5)*dt integral from 0 to pi

    Did I get it right?
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    Close. You need to be more careful with your derivatives and algebra.
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    [tex]3^2\neq 6[/tex]

    For this case:


    Now it's up to you to find f(x).
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