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Curve, x-axis, and a line

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    hello everybody...please could you help me find the solution for this problem??

    find the area bounded by the curve Y=X^1/2, the x-axis, and the line 2X+3Y=6.
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    Find the intersection point of the two lines to get an idea of your limits of integration. After that you'll want to integrate the difference of the two expressions to find the area between them.
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    1. whozum's suggestion

    2. Are you sure you copied this correctly? This looks like a homework problem (and so, really should be in the homework section!) and my experience is that, in homework problems, the point of intersection works out more simply than this does.

    3. You may find it easier to think of the "height" of the figure as running in the x-direction and integrating with respect to y.
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    thank u

    thanks for your help...
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