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Curved Space-Time question.

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    What equation do you use to find the curvature a body of mass creates? I know the answer for the suns mass is 1.75 arc-seconds. So if I took the g of the sun and divided it by the g of the earth and divided 1.75 arc-seconds by the ratio of the g difference would I get the earth's curvature. Which is about 0.0626 arc-seconds from what I'm doing.

    If I knew the formula that is used to get the answer for the sun things would be so much easier. Thanks for any help.
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    You're mixing them up.That 1.75 arcseconds is the angle of deflection of a ray of light in passing through Sun's Schwarzschild field.

    You can compute for Earth,simply inserting the appropriate constants into the deflection formula.It's approximately 3300 times less.

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    Can you share the appropriate constants and the deflection formula? :)
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    [tex] \Delta\phi=4\frac{G m_{source}}{c^{2}R_{rource}} [/tex]

    Source:M.Carmeli,"Group Theory and General Relativity",McGraw-Hill,1977,p.155.

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    Thank you. :)
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