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Curved spacetime [poem]

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    "curved spacetime" [poem]

    every time i try to reach out for her cream-face,
    space and time -
    that dead tree,
    the soldier without limbs,
    the clock, the bell, and the light cone--
    curve below my feet,
    making me sink--
    making me drown.

    and just the moment before i disappear,
    i see her eyes,
    like dust,
    drift away -
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    Math Is Hard

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    Re: "curved spacetime" [poem]

    Very nice, Marmot. Are you seeking feedback on your poetry? Otherwise this seems more appropriate content for your blog than a GD post.
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    Re: "curved spacetime" [poem]

    just feedback. i dont know i feel its good for sharing here because you folks get the references. and general relativity is the most beauitful physical theory ever created.
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    Re: "curved spacetime" [poem]

    Pretty nice. I also recommend listening to R.E.M.'s "Feeling Gravity's Pull", which has some GR and Mach's principle references.
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