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Curving space - it is the Higgs?

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    Hi, I'm new, and not sure i'm writing this in the right place or way ...

    how does matter curve space? is it the mass made by the Higgs that makes cpace bend?

    I red that einstein said space was a fabric - is that right? seems to me it can't be, cos fabric is like what clothes are made of, and you can cut clothes, but space isn't cuttabel, is it?
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    I think the first question is a good question. From Einstein's principle, we just know how and why gravitation curves space : because a grvitational field is equivalent to a frame accelerating (the acceleration can depend on space and time).

    However, I don't know why matter causes gravitation...What I know is that the Higgs should explain the mass and somehow the gravitation by the following comparison :

    suppose matter is like an assembly of physicist.

    The Higgs could be compared to a special particle that indicates somehow how famous the physicists are.

    Enters a very poor unknown physicist : nobody moves and the matter feels no attraction

    Enters a very famous one in the assembly : everyone wants to meet him and approach him.

    The facts are that : fame is somehow equivalent to mass and attract other particles. But this implies that other physicist know in some way, or attributed this fame to every other one.

    Well...this is just a funny message I saw in some article a year ago maybe.
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