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Custom-made micro damper

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    I have a mechanical motion platform. It's only about 8 grams and about 5x5x5 cm.
    I'm a bit worried about the natural frequency and I want to mechanically damp it to slightly under-damped. I'm using phosphor-bronze for my spring elements, I'm not sure how much damping is intrinsic to phosphor-bronze though.

    Since this is all very small, I can't really make my own custom dashpot. I was thinking of just sticking a beam with a plate in some bucket with viscous fluid. It sort of looks like a dashpot, but without a tightly fit piston, but just a plate. I can't find anything on make such a device though. I could get the drag coefficient of a plate and the density of the fluid and calculate the drag force, but I don't think I can estimate the damping ratio from that.

    So my question is; Is there a simple way to add some damping to a mechanical system? It has to be very simple to be manufactured and fitted on the platform. It can be some plate in a viscous fluid or some other concept. I can elaborate more on the platform is necessary.

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    Wow that's nice, really easy to adjust an non-contact, awesome.

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