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Custom transformer issues

  1. Oct 25, 2016 #1
    So I was attempting to modify a microwave transformer by wrapping my own secondary coil. The first coil was standard from the microwave, around 16 gauge wire, 100 turns, so I was wrapping my coil with around a 16 gauge wire, I put it together, put a weight on the transformer to keep it together and tested it with my voltmeter and it read around 176 VAC... then I kept winding and tried again but only got .123 VAC, I found this odd so I checked the primary coil, it was getting 120 VAC, it was making the buzzing that transformers do (its 60Hz by the way), when I measured the primary coil it got around 180 VAC, the primary coil was getting hot while the secondary coil I wrapped was cold... I honestly have no idea what is going on or what I did but this is odd stuff... or maybe im just naive. Here are some pictures to help with analysis:

    IMAG0281.jpg IMAG0285.jpg IMAG0291.jpg IMAG0282.jpg IMAG0288.jpg IMAG0290.jpg

    IMAG0284.jpg IMAG0287.jpg
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    *primary coil is not measuring 180VAC, it around .320VAC (essentially 0)
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    Shorted turn somewhere?
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    I don't think so since I re-wrapped the coil with new wire after it happened the first time, but I still think its worth checking, is there an easy way to check if a turn shorted? and should I check both coils?
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    the secondary coil is putting out .142 then going up to .180 then back down to around .142 and back up again
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    :oops: enamel coated wire... forgot to sand off the enamel of the new end... my bad
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