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Cut up the star

  1. Nov 2, 2004 #1
    Here is a grafical problem.

    You have to use two straight lines to cut up the pentagram star and you have to get 10 triangles.

    The triangles must not be counted twice. Or to put it another way, the same area can only be used once.

    http://poseidon.siol.net/samurai/racunalnistvo/media/star.gif[/URL] [Broken] [/PLAIN] [Broken]

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    can i use the straight line any way i want to, does it have to cut across the whole figure?
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    Yes any way you want. And no it doesn't have to cut all the way through. Actualy you can make new triangle/s outside the star if you like.
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    @gerben your attachment doesn't work for me.
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    oh well, that is strange it does work for me, but anyway it is good that it does not work because i was wrong, what i was missing was probably my brain...
    it is in fact rather difficult it seems even impossible to me now, do you know that there is a solution?
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    yes, there is a solution :smile:
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  10. Nov 3, 2004 #9

    I can see it now :smile:

    Seems you did it. Congrats!

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