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Cutest things ever

  1. Jan 5, 2007 #1
    Cutest things ever!!

    Check out this snap I took from my camera phone. I was waiting for my train at the station in the morning. It's a cold winter morning and these 3 puppies were cuddled up together. How adorable!! :!!)

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    Are these abandoned at the train station!? :surprised :frown:

    I probably would have taken them home with me. :uhh:
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    Not likely. There are a lot of these "abandoned" canines roaming the country far and wide.
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    Math Is Hard

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    Where was mama dog?
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    Anybody else think that picture was of something else before s/he said they were puppies :uhh:
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    :cry: Abandoned puppies!!!! That's terrible!!!
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    Math Is Hard

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    I know. Poor little sweethearts. If I had seen them, guess what you and Tsu would have gotten for Christmas.
  9. Jan 6, 2007 #8
    Naaa, I don't think these puppies were abandoned, the mother was probably nearby :smile: . Besides, there are a lot of stray animals that walk in and out of train stations. These places are pretty warm and safe for them compared to other places.
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