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Cutting off long hair

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    Girls, girls, girls. Come and give me your thoughts girls.

    Ponder for a moment on a hypothetical scenario in which you find yourself in a happy relationship. However, you're about to attend a yearlong study abroad program at school in a tropical country, and you're not looking forward to having to maintain your pretty long hair in the hot weather. You decide that you're going to go to the salon and have the stylist cut your mid-back-length locks down to a short pixie cut.

    You tell your boyfriend about this idea a week in advance, and he responds by pouting in a joking sort of way, and saying how much he would hate to see your wonderful brown hair being swept off of a salon floor during closing time. Over the course of the following week he drops the occasional hair compliment, and he plays with your hair a little bit more than usual. One time he even jokes about how he had a nightmare in which you had already cut it short, and he mentions that he woke up in a panic as a result. Despite his jesting tone he assures you that the nightmare actually happened.

    Now it comes time for your salon appointment, do you go through with it?

    Well, my girl went through with it.

    She was immediately thrilled with how easy it is to wash and maintain, and thrilled she remains to this day. She kept trimming it while on her away program, and she doesn't seem to intend to grow it back.

    I've told her very directly that I find her hugely more attractive with long hair, and I've made it clear that it really is quite a big deal for me. She acknowledges my feelings, but she doesn't seem to care to any meaningful degree.

    The relationship currently is going as normal. I can still feel in love with her when we're talking, laughing, and having fun spending time together. Yet I still tremendously miss being able to feel in love merely just at the sight of her.

    Please girls, don't do this sort of thing to your boyfriends! It's torture, it really is.

    Grrr... just venting.
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    OK this may come off as a bit harsh...but if I had a boyfriend who responded to a haircut by pouting, he'd be an ex-boyfriend, tout suite.

    It's. Just. Hair.
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    When we were courting 20 years ago my wife asked me if I like her hair short or long. I said long. She cut it short and keeps it that way.
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    Are you kidding?! The length of one's girlfriend's hair affects how one feels about her? That seems awfully shallow/superficial. She's the same person regardless of hair length. Besides, it's her hair.

    One should be more supportive of one's significant other.

    Time to re-examine oneself.
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    Good for her. A smart, healthy reaction.
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    Yes. A shock in appearance, since you fell in love with her personality and appearance and all that stuff as one whole package. The impact though would necessarily depend upon your age ( and hers ), and you seem to be getting by handsomely.

    You can get back at her by going bald on top.:wink:.
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    I know quite a few ladies (including a couple of sweet young girls) who have had their long hair chopped to donate to "locks of love". Cancer patients who have lost their hair can have natural-hair wigs that way. One of the girls looks absolutely adorable in her pixie-cut, since she has a mischievous demeanor. I bet she'll grow her hair out again and donate again.
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    It's something personal.
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