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Admissions CV Help: Community Service

  1. Nov 15, 2016 #1
    I have some community service experience but not very long in duration and is not related to my graduate direction (eg. I was tutoring Chinese for a semester). Should I still include it?
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    In my opinion, yes, though I wouldn't give it a higher rank than including it in an "activities" list near the bottom or something. There are some posters here who have been on admissions committees, so maybe they can help you more.
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    This depends on how you believe your resume or CV relates to any job for which you apply. Would you list that activity on the CV if you are sending your CV to be an engineer or accountant for a company who manufactures products using materials imported from China?
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    That makes sense. These service experiences don't really relate to the graduate programs I am studying. I will just move them to the last section as Dishsoap suggested.
    Thank you.
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