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Python CV libraries with SIFT or equivalent that's NOT OpenCV

  1. Aug 5, 2017 #1
    Hey all.

    twice now ive coded sift from scratch, but mine never gives as good results, and the one part i used a library for (convolution for DoG) didn't give same results given same params as example image tests online.

    I need this one small part for a much, much, larger project, and I want a neasy fix for this. What libraries don't use openCV but can also perform feauture point detection and matching. Any help appreciated. I am new to python, so I would prefer not to mess with compiling the libraries with cmake or any other 3rd party software.
    I use notepad ++ and the default interpreter for python 3.6 on windows 10.

    Any help appreciated, i have spent days googling, and even tried many diffrent languages. I'm not asking for lack of effort, every google suggestion seems to have a "gotcha" that requires backdated versions of libs or compiling binaries or only works on linux.
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