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CVD for CNT equipment cost

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    Can anybody give a rough estimate of price for a
    chemical Vapour deposition equipment to make
    carbon nano tubes? How much budget do we need to
    establish a laboratory to make carbon nano tubes?
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    Do a google search for: "processing equipment for carbon nanotube" which will bring up a number of equipment manufacturers that do this sort of stuff.

    If you're starting from nothing, don't forget that you'll also need to pay for everything that's needed to make a CVD system run (safely): gas cabinets and handling, gas monitoring (I don't know the exact process for making CNTs, but if it's like other CVD processes, you probably don't want to be breathing the gases), demineralized cooling water, (possibly) a controlled environment, etc.
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    Tystar offers CNT tube furnace for about $200K. Depending on your budget, they may custom-build a furnace at a lower price. We use their furnaces for CNT and graphene production at our lab. Their systems are reliable and their technical support is quite satisfactory.

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    If still you are looking for this equipment,I can suggest for the equipments of CNT.I am a consultant and has expertise in this specific area.
    The entire cost depends on the specific purpose and the quantity of products to be grown.
    My suggested systems are cheapest and safest.
    Either one can procure part of the set-up or can ask for the entire set up.We are also helping in the installation in any part of the world.
    Say for example,to get 100 gm of products,the entire cost will be around 40000 USD.
    Important,CVD Graphene can also be grown in the same set-up.
    For further potential talks,
    contact me at:agnanosys@gmail.com
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