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    I am a teacher at a High School for Girls in the UK. I only discovered this board today and haven't had a chance to really browse all of the threads yet... but I am sooooo impressed. I have been trying to get something like this off the ground in the UK for local teachers to share, but no luck as of yet....

    Here is the link to my site - it is aimed at Y7 to Y13 in the UK (age 11 to 18). I'd appreciate feedback on my Ikonboard if you notice any glitches.


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    This post probably doesn't belong here, but a quick pointer....

    Change the fonts you use: They are a little hard to read.
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    Thanks for the comment - the general text font is Arial - I find that easier to read than others... but I know others differ in opinion

    I have realized this link it shouldn't be in this thread - will the moderator move/obliterate it please? I will e-mail the site addy for consideration to be added to your listings
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    I didn't quite mean that - in general, the fonts are ok, but I am more concerned about the fonts in the headings for each topic, and the general layout a bit...

    Maybe just me, but I have a vehement hatred of caligraphic typefaces...
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    That's okay - you must be male - we females like the adornment - but I know it can't be used in the main part - that's why it's only used in main menu!:wink:
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    Short visit, nice info, but I too found the presentation somewhat difficult to discern/read, the color & word combinations (backgrounds) are somewhat difficult to read, but only on certain pages.
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    Try reading it when frunk!

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