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Cycle permutation

  1. Sep 21, 2011 #1
    I feel like I'm doing this correctly but my professor gave us an answer that is different from what I'm getting.

    Composition of (12345)(12345)

    Reading right to left I get (13524) but the answer he gives is (135)(24)

    The odd thing is I'm getting the rest of these correct so I dont feel like I'm doing it wrong.
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    actually scratch that, made an error will get back to you
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    so just to be clear on notation, as it can get tricky I read p=(123) as acting as follows

    so applying this to the 3 case gives
    (123) 123

    and note

    so applying this in your case
    (12345) 12345
    (12345) 23451

    so we have

    which gives (13524), same as you

    not applying (135)(24) gives
    (135) 12345
    (24) 32541
    which is not the same

    sorry for the alignment, can't get it to work
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