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Cyclic Energy Transformations QM

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    Cyclic Energy Transformation

    Carnot's Engine says: "His engine operates reversibly, which no real engine can do, so he created a kind of ideal engine. In Carnot's engine, the heat that comes from the heat source is supplied at a constant temperature. You can say that the ratio of the heat provided and rejected is the same as the ratio of those temperatures."

    If an engine like the sun where producing heat at a constant temperature the ratio of the heat (potential energy) you take in is the same as the heat (mass) you pull out. In other words potential energy coming in is going to be the same as it goes out! PE = E less the heat sink. The heat sink is strictly the friction to move Deuterium and Triennium together into fusion, nuclear fuse it (friction / Heat = Binding Energy) and at that moment you have to Carnot's Engine working. In other words, the heat provided and rejected is the same as the ratio.

    Perfect Fusion is 1-(Qc/Qh) = 1-(Tc/Th) This equation represents the maximum possibility of efficiency of the Sun. It is the third law of thermodynamics stating that you can't reach absolute zero or the sun would be dead at that point. This means that Tc is never "Zero" so you can never have a 100 percent efficient engine.

    This is why you have to have the “less friction” in my equation.... PE = E less friction or minus K. So in other words Potential energy equals energy less friction (K) or energy dispersement. Then you have energy = mass transferred at the speed of light. E = MC^2. Potential energy (Mass LME) before energy transformation (live).

    Page 2

    Keep in mind that the sun is 4 trillion miles away. The sun is 5,800 Kelvin’s of heat and the interstellar space about 3.4 Kelvin’s as the heat sink plug that into your equation and you have the efficiency of the sun. 1- (Qc/Qh) = 1-(Tc/Th) = 1-( 3.4 / 5,800) = 0.999 so you can see that the sun in theoretical efficiency is about 99.9 percent efficient.

    When this efficient sunlight (99.9) coming from comes down to the Earth and hits everything until it finally absorbs it's electromagnetic energy into Asphalt, water, metal poles, solar panels, humans, or anything that can absorbing heat from the friction bounce created by the sunlight.

    Sunlight is conserved due to the absorption of objects on earth or held in potential, the energy from the sun (Sh) must equal the energy (W) plus the energy (Se) sent elsewhere (entropy). Frank L. Lambert has proven that entropy is a disbursement of energy. The same holds true for the sun and its Entropy (dispersement).

    Formula: Sh = W + Se which means you can rewrite this formula to represent it as W / Sh = (Sh - Se) / Sh = 1- (Se / Sh) that in example would look something like this using a random heat number....

    W / Sh = 2.55 x 10^7joules / Sh = 0.78 that means Sh = 2.55 x 10^7joules / .078 = 3.27 x 10^7joules. (Example of absorption)

    The amount of sunlight input is 3.27 x 10^7joules... so how much heat gets left over and absorbed into other working energies (Se)?

    Sh = W + Se so Sh - W = Se.

    Page 3

    When you plug the numbers in you have something like this...

    Sh - W = Se
    Sh - W = 3.27 x 10^7 - 2.55 X 10^7 = 0.72 x 10^7 = Se. So the amount of heat absorption is 0.72 x 10^7joules. (Total heat absorption Se)

    Now once you have that understanding that sunlight must equal its energy plus the energy dissipated through Entropy. You have to account for the energy dispersed (Frank Lambert Chemistry dispersement)…it goes somewhere in our universe. Matter can only change form it can't be distroyed. I believe all atomic matter holds low form molecular energy so energy changes form from high level to low level.

    The next time this energy will transfer is into anybody’s guess. So let’s track one of the five examples above. Let’s track sunlight to a human and follow that energy through once sunlight has borne its energy from E = MC^2.

    Keep in mind that just the fact that sunlight can absorb into another working energy like a human is an argument for stored potential energy in thermodynamics. Here’s another fact in physics, it doesn’t always absorb, that’s because heat has to go to cold. So if your body is already hot, it won’t absorb it follows the second law of thermodynamics.

    Sunlight hits you in an electromagnetic bounce, slowing down the atomic nucleus causing friction energy to you (heat) in a measurable work force. That energy may absorb (sunlight refracts) if say it's a cold day and body is not up to its core temp (conditions have to be within thermodynamics).

    Your blood will absorb it so the sunlight (Sh) less the friction bounce (W) moved energy (Se) into your blood (an absorber) and now you have the heat in your body. Sh = W + Se

    Page 4

    If you’re alive your body will use that heat (energy) immediately to warm up the muscles and transfer its energy, the byproduct from your muscles will be heat (new energy transfered) to the outside air. Se = E-K

    It went from Se = E - K are you seeing the pattern in my in my cyclic formula PE = E – K. That release of heat to the cold air is really "stored energy" (PE) even for a second or two and released. Just the fact that you can store thermodynamic heat energy and release it as a new energy is proof that energy can move in thermodynamics.

    Once the heat makes it outside of your body, it's hard to say which energy it originally came from, maybe a combination of food energy, or brain activity energy, or heart muscle energy or gastric energy being produced inside your body. In other words dealing with the real world we have to consider all energies. We have to consider that the third law is greater than just equilibrium. So we have to say it was a collection of all the potential energy or PE = E - K to create that energy heat coming from you.

    When heat comes out of you, the energy speed is greatly reduced or slowed down considerably due to the amount of fractionating (transfer) in each transformation. In other words heat that comes from the sun transfer will be at higher joules than the heat displaced from your body.

    It’s also hard to say how much influence was taken in by the other potential energy your body was carrying at the time the sunlight energy (heat) was absorbed into your body. It proves that our body's absorb sunlight heat created energy and utilize this heat as an energy source. Your bones won't grow without heat. As our body thermoequalizes like the earth it will conserve it back to lowest energy form or a reduced heat transfer.

    Page 5

    At some point its working energy will loose its entire electromagnetic binding (which makes it a working energy) to thermal equilibium as it begins to break down, and come apart to the lowest form of stationary energy or just simple Hydrogen.

    Hydrogen atoms if never disturbed or absorbed into another working energy it will either fall to earth with gravity be a part of live energy/stored or have enough heat to rise into the atmosphere and escape back to outer space. You have to imagine the universe as a whole if your going to grip this idea in Quantum, you have to consider how many energies are in cyclic transformation at any one second.

    If this heat that comes from your body or mass matter is combined with friction, its energy is born again. We depend on heat for life, without it we wouldn't exist. If there's ever going to be a grand unification theory were going to have to research thermodynamics (heat more than light) some day.

    B] Cyclic energy is the combination of all atomic mass matter dormant binding or in the state of binding to become live energy.[/B]
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