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Cyclic tests - tension compression torsion

  1. Sep 2, 2012 #1

    I have got experimental data for a steel material for a cyclic test perfoemd in the following scenario:

    0-1% Torsion followed by
    0-1% strain Tension followed by
    1-2% Torsion followed by
    1% to 0 % compression followed by
    2 to 3% torsion followed by
    0 to -1% compression followed by
    3 to -1% torsion followed by
    -1 to 0% tension followed by
    -1 to 0% torsion

    I'm attaching the figure- that is: the stress strain curve for the tension compression cycle i.e for the cycle corresponding to 0-1% strain- 1% to 0% compression - 0% to -1% compression and -1 to 0% tension.

    I have indicated the branch corresponding to loading and unloading in the figure that I'm attaching.

    I'm currenly not able to establish contact with the experimentologist- meanwhile could anyone please let me know what does the flat portion indicate? (I have marked the portion).

    The fattached file is named flat_portion.jpg.

    I shall be grateful if helped.


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