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Cyclohexene and toluene + sulfuric acid

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    For cyclohexene and sulfuric acid reaction, is a precipitate suppose to form? the results looked yellow-orange ish, but it became murky. I'm suppose to note the solubility change, but i don't know what to say for it. Please help thanks.

    For Toluene though, i heated it as well, and there was only a colour change, but it remained clear. What can I say about the solubility change for this? That it's still soluble? Again please help. Thanks
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    you'll need to be more specific and give out more details of the experiment, for instance, does this experiment involve a reaction between cyclohexene and toulene? In that case, cyclohexene could be protonated to become an electrophile which can react with toulene through an electrophilic aromatic substitution.
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