Cyclotron Experiments

Hi. I'm a college student, part of a group who will be doing a hands on study of particle physics next year. We plan to build a linear particle accelerator, after which we may go on to build a cyclotron. We'll be accelerating electrons to start off with.

I would like to find out more about the types of experiments that can be performed with simple cyclotron setups. All that I've encountered on the internet seems to require more energy, overly complex setups or particles we don't intend to accelerate (initially anyway).

Does anyone have any information on experimental setups that can work on more simplistic cyclotrons? Less simplistic cyclotrons produceable with a reasonable budget? What kind of information can be gained from studying electron-(molecule or atom) collisions? I imagine that the electron orbital interaction can yeild molecular energetic level information as in Electron energy loss spectroscopy (EELS)

but don't know if this is simply and effectively implementable with our aparatus. It would be cool if it was, because what EELS has over photon spec. is the ability to probe into dipole and spin forbidden transitions.

Some of these questions are sort of engineering questions more so than QM questions, but I hope folks can help me out with some resources that I might want to look at.


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