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Cygwin + g95

  1. May 28, 2012 #1
    I was given a CD with fortran files as part of my senior year project
    (biology major here), that said in order to compile the code (using
    cygwin), to install 'cygwin' and 'g95' Fortran compiler. I think i got
    the 'cygwin' succesfully installed (after watching numerous youtube
    videos) on my Windows Vista (added it to 'path' variable in
    Environmental Variables). But when it comes to g95 i am confused, what
    to install (there are so many packages/binaries on G95 website)? It
    mentions about 'minGW' on the G95 website, would i still need 'minGW'
    if i installed cygwin?

    can you please help me in getting 'g95' compatible with 'cygwin' ?

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    It seems you have to go to the G95 download page, and choose "Self-extracting Cygwin x86". After the download, just execute the archive to get the G95 installed in your Cygwin.
    The link:

    PS: Call the binary "g95-Cygwin.exe" FROM a cygwin prompt.
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