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Cylidrical shells

  1. Feb 13, 2009 #1
    determine the area of the region bounded by the grpahs of x=y-y^3, y=0,x=1,y=1, rotated about y=1; using cylyndrical shells

    avegage radius y, altitude=x=y-y^3, y intercepts 0 ,1 ?
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    0 and 1 are the y intercepts, yes. Why don't you try and actually solve the problem? Are you sure they want you to find area, not volume?
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    Three questions:
    What work have you done?
    Have you graphed the region?
    What is the exact problem? Since you said that a region is to be rotated about the line y = 1, it would appear that you want the volume of this solid of rotation rather than the area of some region.
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