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I Cylinder compression

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    according to thermodynamics the compression of a cylinder can both increase pressure and increase temperature. Unfortunately there is no law that gives us boh presure and temperture change given the change of volume, previous temperature and previous pressure? Usually we do either assume that pressure or temperature remains constant. Suppose the cylinder is isolated. What happens in a real world scenario to the pressure and temperature? How am I able to properly calculate the changes?
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    If it's an adiabatic reversible compression, you can determine both the final pressure and the final temperature. If an irreversible compression is carried out in such a way that the extrernal pressure is controlled during the piston motion, the work can be determined and the final equilibrium temperature and pressure can be determined.
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    I appreciate the answer, sir. Any resources I can read up on the reversible case?
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    Fundamentals of Engineering Thermodynamics, Moran et al.
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    introduction to thermal physics written by kittel
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