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Homework Help: Cylindrical Reservoir Discharge(Fluid Mechanics Lab)

  1. Dec 1, 2013 #1
    1. This is about a lab, we measured times of partial discharge(each 100 ml), and the height from the base to the interface, from a cylindrical reservoir, through a little hole near the base. We must now calculate the theoretical times to compare with the ones measured experimentally, and the coefficient of minor head losses through the hole

    2. By Torricelli Theorem t=D/d*sqrt(2H/g) and k= (pi^2 * d^4 * h * g ) / (8Q^2) -1

    3. I believe I can easily calculate the K knowing the flow rate, am I correct? Now my concern is about the theoretical discharge time, Torriceli Theorem is derivated from the original Bernoulli's Equation, therefore considering an inviscid fluid, which is not that acceptable,is there any other semi-empirical formula that can help me? Thanks
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