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Cylindrical transverse oscillation

  1. Jan 28, 2008 #1
    Hi all.
    Picture a series of strings around a circle, oscillating with fixed ends. Now picture a these strings as being in a pseudo-cylinder. Akin to a "breathing" tube, expanding and contracting in on itself.
    I'm trying to identify just how that'd work for an idea that I have about an IPMC configuration.
    The mechanical response-- as I see it is similar to a standard transverse wave.
    What bothers me is the compression that would occur with each "inward" bound oscillation.
    I.e., the trough of a y(x,t) = A cos(kx-omega*t) wave.
    I am interested in mathematically modeling it in Matlab, but am not a programmer.
    So, my question here today is:
    Can I do a basic cylindrical treatment of this transverse wave equation?

    If this is not enough information to start the discussion, please advise and I'll give more.
    Thank you.
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