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Cymatics in chemical production

  1. Aug 14, 2013 #1
    Just beeen reading and watching youtube videos about cymatics, and how sound can force sand on a plate to conform to a specific pattern based on frequency of the sound.

    Now im no expert in chemical production but from what i can remember, sometimes elements are mixed together in high pressure containers and heated in a effort to excite the molecules so they whizz around crashing into each other and with the right amount of heat combine together to make the desired chemicals.

    Now i was wondering if using sound you could increase the yield by forcing particles in the reaction to conform to specific patterns or structures effectively holding them in place while the heat works its magic as opposed to letting them whizz around.

    again im no scientist and wouldnt know where to start with experimenting but i'd like to know if any of you think this is possible, or are able to perform such experiments. i.e. starting 2 chemical production reactions, one under normal conditions and another under normal conditions plus a speaker playing different frequecies. then measure the differences in yield.

    I should also mention that experiments have been done with cymatics using two different types of sand which resulted in certain frequencies causing the two sands almost pefectly seperate and conform to patterns
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