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Homework Help: D.c. circuit

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    a dual-range d.c. voltmeter has a common negative terminal and two positive terminals, one of which gives full deflection of 10V, and the other of full deflection 3V. Given that the voltmeter resistance btw negative terminal & the other of full deflection of +3V is 1000 ohm. what is the resistance btw negative terminal and terminal of +10V?

    i use V is proportional to R method.
    3V ---> 1000 ohm
    10V ---> 3333 ohm

    is that the working. the answer is correct, but i doubt if the working is just like that. thank you.
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    soory. i want to cancel the above question. i should ask this question

    two bulbs P and Q labelled 12V, 24W and 12V, 36W respectively are connected in series with a battery 24V. why p.d. across P > p.d. across Q ? i dont really understand this fact. can someone explain
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