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D&d campaign vets

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    I've had the d20, d10, d12, d8, d6, and d4 dice from my father's friend for a year now. Coming from Brunei, there is no one I can talk to about D&D as no one here knows what it is. I've only got a vague idea of how the game works, so I'm wondering if some of the D&D veterans here (if any) can provide me with any good resources so I can get a campaign off the ground easily.

    I'm not familiar with the rules yet, but I'll start learning them after my exams which end in a week.
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    jimmy p

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    Here is everything you need to know about D&D and other roleplaying games. Read this webcomic.

    The Order of the Stick

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    Go to this site:


    They have tons of premade adventures, from simple ideas to step by step in detail. You'll definitely find what you need there.
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    What exactly is the difference between 'adnd' and 'dnd'?
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    DnD was the original rule set, it stands for Dungeons and Dragons and is out of print now.

    ADnD is Advanced Dungeons and Dragons, it can now be referred to as DnD because the original is out of print and is basicly a more complicated version of the original. it has different rule set version within it as well.
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    What good D&D books should one, who is a beginner, read?
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    jimmy p

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    Advanced Dungeons and Dragons for beginners. The 56th edition.
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    It still keeps me awake at night wondering how it got so high.
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