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D slash in latex

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    does anyone knw the code for how to produce the d slash notation in the integration measure for momentum space? Where (d slash)^n X=(d^n)X/((2pi)^n).
    Basically all i want to do is replace the h:
    with a d.
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    Hi the1ceman! :smile:
    hmm … interesting :rolleyes:

    i did a google search, and found this …
    He did it by typing \displaystyle{\not} …

    but you can also do it with just {\not} …

    (presumably because LaTeX regards a letter with a slash through it as "not" that letter :biggrin:)

    [tex]{\not} \partial = \gamma_i \partial^i[/tex]
    [tex]{\not} p = \gamma_i p^i[/tex]
    [tex]{\not}A = \gamma _i A^i[/tex]
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    thanks for the reply tim but im not after the feynman slash notation! Basically in the latex command \hslash i just want to replace the 'h' by a 'd', so that the top end of the 'd' has a diagonal line through it, not the whole letter (as in the feynman slash notation).
    Im almost there, basically i have to create a macro, but i need to find the code for the 'slash' in \hslash.
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    Try this
    \newcommand{\dslash}{d \hspace{-0.8ex}\rule[1.2ex]{0.8ex}{.1ex}}
    \dslash \hbar
    (using a horizontal bar).
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    negative space!

    oh, robphy, that's great! :tongue2: …

    you've invented negative space! :biggrin:

    you've inserted a negative space "after" the d (using \hspace{-0.8ex}), and put a horizontal bar in it. :approve:

    (btw, you can leave out "\newcommand" at the start, and "\dslash " at the end: [tex]
    {d \hspace{-0.8ex}\rule[1.2ex]{0.8ex}{.1ex}}
    [/tex] :wink:)

    Does CERN know about this? :smile:
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    thanks for the reply, i have actually done this already, but with a different command, is it possible to get the 'slash' slightly horizontal? Sorry for being so pedantic!!!
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