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D space time of coordinates

  1. Mar 29, 2010 #1
    in a D space time of coordinates [tex]x^u,y^m[/tex], with u=...p+1, m=...D-p-1, and A=.....D
    if [tex]R_{MN}=8 \pi G_D (T_{MN}-\frac{G_{MN}T^P_P}{D-2})[/tex] (eq1)

    I don't understand why

    [tex]R^u_u=\frac{8\pi G}{D-2}((D-p-3)T^u_u-(p+1)T^m_m)[/tex] eq 2
    [tex]R^m_m=\frac{8\pi G}{D-2}((p-1)T^m_m-(D-p-1)T^u_u[/tex] eq 3

    i tried to multiplicate eq1 by [tex]g^{MN}[/tex] and then

    [tex]R=8\pi G_D(T-\frac{T}{D-2}[/tex]
    but, i don't go to the eqs 2 and 3

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